A public meeting was held in the Avonlea Community Hall on April 10th, 2013 to discussthe construction of a new Avonlea and District Community Hall. Positive debates surrounding location, size, and costs of construction led to the formation of two committees:


-Hall Fundraising Committee: Darryl Hollema, Amanda Gonzales, Doug Bender, Calvin Watson, Jaret Nelson, Andy Cunningham, Mark Watson, Terri Stevens, Quentin Nelson and Joel Miller.


-Hall Building Committee: Lloyd Daniel , Gary Nelson, Chris Riecken, Raymond Jelinski , Tim Forer, Marlyn Stevens, Dave Prohar, Brad Meggison, Alex Getzlaf and Doris Nelson.


Over the past year, the individuals on these committees have worked diligently towards the final goal: to construct a multi-purpose building which incorporates sufficient size and amenities to facilitate the many and varying needs of the members of the Avonlea community.


The Fundraising Committee has been busy coming up with various ways to raise funds for the new hall. It is always a challenge to come up with new and unique events to raise funds, so please feel free to bring any ideas forward to a committee member.
With the support and generosity from the entire community we can accomplish the goal of having a new facility! We are most excited to announce our next fundraiser and we know with the help from the community and surrounding areas this will be a great success!
The planning process for the new community hall has seen progressive development since the Building Committee was formed on April 10th, 2013. It was only after much deliberation, careful consideration, and elimination of other options that it was decided to attach the new hall to the community rink, thus forming a multi-functional complex.
Preliminary designs and layout of the building are near completion. Mr. Mark Poissant, of MLP Building Inspections & Construction Consulting, has been working with the committee to design the optimum blueprint for the community’s needs. The area will include a main stage with a seating area for 325 people, a large kitchen, conference room, and easy access to an incorporated waiting room for the curling rink, including a new food booth.
With the professional assistance of Mr. Poissant, this formal blueprint design will be available in the next few months and will be circulated in a future newsletter. Together with the Fundraising Committee, the Building Committee encourages you to continue to be generous in your support of this community project. Donations can be made at the Village Office and a charitable receipt will be issued back to you.
Building Committee Members: Doris Nelson, Gary Nelson, Chris Riecken, Raymond Jelinski , Tim Forer, Marlyn Stevens, Dave Prohar, Brad Meggison, Alex Getzlaf and Lloyd Daniel