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Welcome to the Village of Avonlea

Avonlea is a beautiful Saskatchewan community located within 45 minutes from the capital city of Regina. Picturesquely nestled between the Avonlea Creek Valley and the Dirt Hills, in the heart of a rich agricultural trading area, Avonlea is a delightful and charming rural community.

Landfill Hours

April 1st to October 31st

Sundays             10:00 am to 4:00 pm

November 1st – March 31st



BURN PILE: Trees, clean wood, branches                                   -No charge

COMPOST: leaves, grass clippings, garden refuse and dirt.     -No charge


SCRAP METAL BIN:      $20 per Appliance: freezer, fridge, air conditioner                                                     (Freon/Halocarbon must be removed)                                                                  Washers, dryers, dish washers, stoves, Water                                                     heaters.

                                        Small Metals:                                       -No charge

                                                 (Oil & Gas removed from all engines)


LORRAS BIN:   NEW!       $25.00 per item

                                           $50.00 PER LOAD  ½ ton truck /trailer/partial load-                                                                    level with the box

                                           $100.00 PER LOAD if it exceeds the top of the ½                                                            ton box or trailer

                                                Furniture, painted wood/stained treated or                                                          preserved in any way, glass.

                                                No Household Garbage or garbage bags.

Avonlea Hall Rental Information
  • Full Facility $500/day

  • Main Hall (capacity 250) $250/day

  • Kitchen/Meeting Room (capacity 50) $ 75/day

  • Bar $ 50/day

  • Lobby (capacity 130) $ 50/day

  • Booth $ 75/day

  • Additional Days 1/3 of the total per day (full Facility)

Please contact the village office about booking the hall facilities for your function!

2023 Annual Waterworks
Click on the pdf for a copy of the Annual Water Works

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